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At the Free School we feel very strongly that music is an essential component of school life.

Please read to to discover the opportunities that are available for your child at Hatcham Temple Grove Free School.

Music in Reception

Children will receive music teaching from when they first start in reception.

This will be based around singing, with an early introduction to simple percussion instruments, as well as exposure to specific pieces such as Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

Music in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Lessons become more formal and are usually around one hour per week, delivered by a music specialist.

Children will learn more about composers and begin to learn to compose through experimentation with a range of tuned percussion and other instruments.

Music in Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

As the children move to KS2, the musical life of the school grows and develops.

Alongside all of the children receiving weekly music lessons and singing assemblies taught by specialists, the Free School will offer an extensive instumental programme which will offer opportunities to all while ensuring that children can make as much progress as possible, especially those with particular talents and aptitudes.

Learning to Play

All children will learn the recorder in Year 3, to provide a foundation for this.

This will enable them to learn to read conventional music notation and to develop other musical skills necessary to enable them to learn to play an orchestral instrument more rapidly. We will also begin a choir which will enable students to refine their performance skills in and outside of school.

In Year 4, children who are considered ready to progress to learning an orchestral instrument will be offered lessions in oboe, flute, French horn, trumpet or trombone. In addition, children who have a strong desire to learn a stringed instrument will get this opportunity. Children will start learning in groups of between 4-10. As they progress, they will learn in smaller, same ability groups to enable excellent progress. Once the children have learned sufficient basic skills, they will play in the wind band or a string orchestra which will develop essential ensemble and sight reading skills while providing an enjoyable and fun community musical experience.

It is important to note that to learn a musical instrumnet requires a significant amount of dedication and practice outside of the school day, which may not suit everyone. As such, not every child will continue with orchestral instrument lessons throughout Key Stage 2. Those children who do not wish to pursue learning specific instruments will be provided with exposure to other instruments and, larger group music teaching including singing, composition and performance during weekly music lessons so they develop a love and enthusiasm for music.

Enrichment Opportunities

At Hatcham we recognise the importance of providing regular performing opportunities to increase enthusiasm to learning and confidence in performing.

We will be developing these opportunities, both formal and informal, in assemblies, concerts and other events throughout the year. These opportunities will be for children learning instruments outside the school as well as in our school instrumental programmes.